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Patsy - neck vertebrae.JPG

Healed of damaged neck vertebrae

Patsy had suffered pain since an accident had damaged her neck vertebrae. She received her healing during a meeting and all pain left.

- Warminster, UK


Healed of Sciatica!

I have been suffering for about two months with sciatica, and the pain was getting worse so I had to get the doctor out, she put me on a hundred mills of Morphine, 15 mills of Diazepan, 300 mills of Gabapentin, nothing worked so it meant I hat to stay in bed and rest.  When I did walk, it had to be on sticks.

May 16th at about 1:30pm Ash phoned.  He said, “I have been meaning to phone you as I felt something was not right on the farm.”  I explained, it was me I had terrible pain with sciatica and he said he was going to pray for me.


He prayed immediately over the phone, and in a couple of seconds I had a burning sensation through my body, my fingers were tingling, and I said to Ash, “What is happening to me Ash?” Then he carried on praying and when he stopped praying, he said, “Get out of bed Bernice.” I thought, “Oh how am I going to get out of this bed?” because I had been having so much difficulty. I got out of bed and I had no pain at all, it was a wonderful feeling, and Ash said, “God is in heaven and the Holy Spirit is on earth and he has gone through your body.” Thank the Lord!


- Wales, UK


Healed of Lyme's Disease!

Linda was carried into the service dying of lyme’s disease. Ash laid hands on her and the power of the Holy Spirit touched her and she was healed.  She went home unaided.


- Chichester, Midhurst UK

Andy-KF copy.jpg

Healed of Liver Cancer!

Andy Turner had liver cancer and his electrolyte blood levels were very high. Jesus healed him during the service and when he went back to hospital for a scan, it was totally normal.


- Crawley, UK

Colin at Portland Bill 2.JPG

Healed of Crohns Disease!

32 Years of Pain…

1982 - Crohn's suspected, 1990 - Crohn's confirmed.  (In the next  30 years, many tests, many pills and potions, many surgeries and many bouts of severe pain.) 2011 - Crohn's gets 'foot back in the door' 2012 - Confirmed that there is no prescribed drug currently on the market that can help. Talk about further surgery. Great concern by all, due to 'significant risk factor and mortality issue'.  2012 (Sept onwards) - Can barely eat.  Any and all foodstuffs causes intense debilitating pain.

On 8th Sept 2013 I went to a healing service, in my own parish, led by Ash Kotecha. I went, worn down by the knowledge that the pain wasn't going to leave me, but get worse.  Worn down by the knowledge that I was (not so merrily) trundling along a road towards having my 'food' fed straight into my veins. I stood at the front of the church, with a few others. At no time was I touched by any other person  (I knew that the power of prayer had more than helped me through the dark days at the beginning of the year.) The longer I stood there focussing on spoken words of Scripture I'd heard many time before, I became hotter and hotter (internally).  It was close to unbearable, and the pain was still there, still as intense.  At the end of the evening, the heat had gone, but the pain hadn't.

A couple of weeks ago I was aware that the pain was much less, and the sharp stabbing attacks were not lasting as long. And this is how it has remained. Instead of a daily pain level of 7-9, it's usually a level of 3 or 4.  It does still hurt to sit in meetings, as in sitting still for long periods.  It still wakes me up when I inadvertently move onto the traumatised area of my abdomen.  The level of fatigue is still the same.  But, overall, I feel just as I did approx. 15 years ago.  And if this is the general level the pain remains at, you'll hear no complaints from me.   A month later, I was walking along a path and I realised for the first time in over 25 years I had no abdominal pain or discomfort whatsoever.  Nothing.  I tested it by stretching - still nothing. I stopped, offered up a short prayer of thanks and wept.  Just a shame that I couldn't share that moment with anyone.


- Norwich, UK

Ash and Tony.JPG

Powerful knee healing!

Tony was a forklift truck driver who had a knee operation and was a sceptic when he came to church. He became a believer after his healing. The hospital could not find any trace of the operation on his knee!

- Greenford, West London, UK


Healed of Nose Polyps!

Jesus still heals people today!

It’s been a tough and life-changing journey, but since I seriously began to pray, I’ve literally seen miracles, as God has answered prayers against all the odds.  I have also experienced God’s unexpected and instant healing power.  It happened 18 months ago when I was invited to be a guest at a Christian businessmen’s dinner in Newtown, mid Wales.  The social evening was arranged by the local ‘chapter’ of the Full Gospel business Men, who I later discovered have similar groups in many parts of the world.

After the meal, they welcomed their guest speaker, a former businessman, Ash Kotecha.  He was an Indian born in Africa, but educated in the UK.  Ash, who had been born into a wealthy Hindu family, told about his own encounter with Jesus and how he had discovered that Jesus still heals people today.  Ash said he had seen many people healed, including his own relatives.  He said he’d be glad to pray for people at the end of the meeting.  During his talk, he had what the Bible calls, ‘Words of Knowledge’ - impressions given by God about people present who need healing.


Ash confidently called out, “There is someone here who has been suffering with a nose problem.”  This really got my attention, because I’d suffered with nose polyps and hay fever for 15 years and had even gone through an unsuccessful operation five years earlier.  

There was nothing more that the doctors could do.  Ash said God was healing people in the meeting and invited guests to “stick your hand up if you are healed.”  It was then that I experienced one of the most extraordinary things in my life.  It was as if I had placed a Menthol lozenge, such as a ‘Fisherman’s Friend’, in my mouth.  Suddenly, my whole nasal system was clear.  Later, as I left that meeting, I knew that God had healed me.  Who else could it have been?  Since then, no polyps, no hay fever.  This healing experience triggered a profound change in my life, despite my business problems.  You could say I became addicted to prayer!  I submerged myself in the Bible.  The scriptures kept telling me the same thing, put your faith in Jesus Christ and don’t worry.

- Newtown, Mid Wales, UK


Rotator Cuff healed!

Iona had injured the Rotator Cuff in her shoulder and was on medication to control the pain. About to go for an operation, she was delighted when the pain vanished and she could move her shoulder with ease.


- Brecon, Wales UK


Feet saved from amputation!

Suzanne had an accident which left her with two metal rods in her ankles and feet which were later removed because they weren’t working. There was so much pain, that the doctors were considering amputation.

In the meeting she was instantly healed and had no more pain. Her leg also grew out a few centimetres to the right length.

- Newtown, Wales UK

Mary - bipolar .JPG

Healed of Bipolar disorder

Mary had bipolar disorder, and was on medication to stabilise her mood. During a meeting Jesus healed her and she was able to reduce her medication until finally she didn't need it any more!


- Crayford, UK

Richard & Maureen.jpg

Free from 14 tablets a day!

Richard & Maureen - both were healed in a village hall meeting.  Maureen had many different ailments which included diabetes and furring of the arteries which caused the symptoms of a brain tumour.

Completely healed and verified by her consultant and off her medication. Richard was healed of neck pain, eye squint, and other ailments.

- Sampford Brett, Somerset UK

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