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If you would like to make an investment into the lives of Kenyans please send your donation to the account below.

Please put a reference of Mission Kenya.


Ash Kotecha Ministries

Lloyds Bank

Sort Code: 30-93-08   Account number: 01444346


Any questions, please call me on 07770225583.

May God richly bless you as you give into this mission project.


Ash Kotecha

Thank you to all who have indicated your support for this project. The aim is to purchase land and build a 300 seated auditorium, a children’s church and a security guard house for the caretaker.


The foundation will be done by readily available stones upon which we shall lay hollow concrete blocks half-way and finish the walls with pre-painted iron sheets, laminated hardwood timber and tiles for the roof. To build we will use local builders and photos will be taken at every stage of the build.


We estimate the total cost of the land will be £9,000 and £4,000 for the structure. Someone said to me, it was the price of a second hand car in the UK.




Mission Project; Kenya.png

The church will also be helping to feed the poor and reach out to the community. Pastor Reuben Simiyu and his wife Doreen have 2 young children. They are a sweet couple who love the Lord and grew up serving in the church but now they have their own vision. Pastor Reuben’s heart is for worship whilst Doreen is mainly into prayer. You can find them on Facebook.

Reuben & Doreen.png
the land and proposed building
Mission Project; Kenya-before.png
the current meeting place
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